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- 100's RIDDLES BRAIN TEASERS & PUZZLES TO SOLVE. What’s the only cheese that is made backwards? EDAM! Entertain and bamboozle yourself and others with these family-friendly brain teasers!

- Check out the anagram and open the doors to unveil the colourful puzzles. Make a guess or use hints to reveal the answer.

- PERFECT for anyone who loves a challenge. Can be played alone but friends and family usually want a guess too!
Title 100+ Riddles amp; Brain Teasers
Requirements Android 4.4+
Available Languages
License free
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Author မုန္းေအာင္ ခ်စ္
Website https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.onehundredpics.onehundredpicsquizriddles
100+ Riddles amp; Brain Teasers

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