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Easy travel household account book

Convenient travel household account book
1. Automatically calculates the exchange rate of 3 countries when entering the set national currency.
2. Currency units in 3 countries are automatically calculated and applied to convenient travel household accounts.
3. It is written in currency units of 3 countries by simple one-touch input.
4. Household account book is operated by user-created travel destinations or periods.
5. Enable planned expenditures in travel.

When you go on a trip, plan a travel budget at the destination, spend it and enter the amount into the currency of the country of travel,

The real-time exchange rate of the country you set (user country, travel country, currency currency country) is automatically calculated and applied directly to the convenient travel account book. (Euro exchange rate provided by the European Central Bank)

Therefore, you can always recognize and check the amount you have spent and the remaining balance in the currency unit of the country of user you set, the country of travel, and the country where you initially exchanged money.
(Automatic calculation of currency units in 3 countries)

This exchange rate information
It is provided from (EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK / European Central Bank exchange rate information).

Because this convenient travel household account book is subject to real-time exchange rate fluctuations, the actual user's balance, expenses, income, etc., may have different results.

●[No information on Vietnam (Dong)] Currently, Vietnam (Dong) cannot be used as the agency providing this exchange rate information does not provide exchange rate information for Vietnam (Dong). Vietnam (Dong) will be updated in the future.

Title account book (travel)"Service interruption"
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account book (travel)

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