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Ready to attack in war simulator games? So, Grab your Gun and take your position now. So, basically, your president's life is in danger and you are the hero of war simulator games. There are many enemies to destroy the president's car and kill the president and take the charge but you need to stop them. Evil enemies’ cars are very powerful. You need to stop them. But how? You have great shooting skills So, Now show your extraordinary skills and save your president's life as a hero. So, Ready for thrilling Action in fighter jet games?
Your mission is getting tough with time. So, you have to be the fast shooter for winning the level. Your enemy has a lot of weapons and power. They have also a lot of teams to destroy your plan.
Title Airforce Helicopter Shooting 3D
Requirements Android 5.0+
Available Languages
License Free
Date Added 1640563200
Author Hà Trung Tín
Airforce Helicopter Shooting 3D

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Size 68.9MB