The description of Audio Editor App

Audio editing, noise reduction, original singing, audio sound effects, mixing, splicing, sound speed adjustment, volume adjustment, video extraction audio and other music modification related applications to help you create your favorite audio

Main functions:

Audio Mix:Two audio mixing, such as own voice and accompaniment synthesis. Support multiple audio mixing
Audio Clips:Clip part of audio or delete part of audio
Add sound effects:Add sound effects to the audio, such as harmony, reverb, treble and bass, vinyl records, concert hall, recording studio, baby voice, female to male voice, male to female voice, etc.
Remove vocals:Eliminate the original singing in the song, generate accompaniment
Songs Combine:Concatenation of two songs. Support multiple audio splicing
Natural Sound:Thousands of natural sounds, such as bird calls, cat calls, running water, insects, early summer, siren, musical instruments, bells, etc.
Video:Video takes audio, video address takes audio, audio and video merge, video adds audio, video muting
Recording:Recording audio is clearer and smaller than the phone's own recording. Recording can enable simultaneous interpretation of recording headphones
Format Convert:Convert between different audio formats
Reduce noise:Eliminate the hissing, buzzing, or white noise in the audio to make the audio clearer. 100 different noise reduction levels, can be tuned while listening
Playing & Recording:Play the song while recording. Can be in any audio location to add synthetic recording, go to make their own personality audio
Left and right ear sounds:When you put on headphones to listen to music, the left and right headphones play different songs
Midi to staff:The audio is displayed as a staff, which can be played with different instruments, can show that the piano is beating with the rhythm, and can save the staff as a local picture
Rising and falling pitch: Raise or lower the audio pitch

Title Audio Editor
Requirements Android 5.0+
Language English
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Audio Editor

Version 7.10.0 information

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