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Watch out for the obstacles and boost your size! The price pool at the end of the level will be determined by your ability to get your Blob bigger. Once you are done with the deadly anti-jelly obstacles, you will be launched to the end. If you are big enough, you can reach to the end zone with even greater rewards. If you can’t escape from the deadly obstacles, don’t worry! Our friendly jelly can continue the race for you. Just enjoy the thrill the game has to offer and don’t worry about losing limbs, arms or your fresh hats! He is very stubborn and jelly to finish the race, Whatever It TAKES! . Also, get ready to meet with the blob family. There are lots of different kinds waiting for you!
Title Blob Runner 3D Tips
Requirements Android 4.2+
Available Languages
License free
Date Added 1613952000
Author Mark Tubil
Blob Runner 3D Tips

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Size 5.5MB