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There are several types of Bonsai Plants that can be planted inside the house, including Chinese Bird Plumb, Fukien Tea Tree, Chinese Privet, Aren Tree, Sacred Bamboo, Pine Buddha, along with several others.

You can determine the size and shape of the Bonsai Plant by growing it in a small container. Doing this will regulate root growth. Besides that, you have to cut it often; This will ensure that your Bonsai Plant stays healthy and beautiful.

There are special methods to trim Bonsai plants. With Bonsai Trees, there are small buds at the beginning of the leaves. Bonsai plants should be trimmed towards the buds, because new shoots will grow from there. With small trees, to form the tree, you have to cut it. With larger trees, you have to bend branches and suitcases to give shape. The establishment and arrangement of the Bonsai Plant is carried out only during the planting season.

Bonsai plants need a lot of sunlight, but they should be stored in moderate temperatures that are not too cold, or too hot. If you cannot store it in a bright room with large windows, you can choose to store it outdoors in a semi-shady location.

One of the main differences between the growth of the Bonsai Plant is that unlike other ornamental plants, or outside garden plants, fertilizer is a necessity for this type of plant. You should only use fertilizers specifically formulated for the Bonsai Plant, and use them every week during summer and monthly during the winter.

Proper watering is also very important. These plants should only be watered when the soil starts to dry, so they can be saturated but not watered again until the soil becomes half dry.
Keep in mind that too much fertilizer or water will kill the roots of your Bonsai plants. This beautiful plant is rather complicated, but once you learn to take care of it, it's a great hobby, and adds a fantastic touch to your home while bringing you closer to nature.

Plants or trees are dwarfed by cutting roots and branches. Trees are formed with the help of wire on twigs and buds. wire must be taken before they can scratch the skin of tree branches. Plant living things, and nothing bonsai can say is finished or finished. Changes that occur continuously in the factory according to the season or natural conditions are one of the attractions of bonsai.

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