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The description of Burgundia Heroes, Medieval RPG App

Choose your tactics wisely in this challenging episodic medieval RPG.

Medieval RPG
Based on real medieval history and warriors mixed with fantasy adventure games. Real kingdoms send knights to battle supernatural forces tearing through central Europe. Magic meets sword, demons meet warriors.

Many Games
Each game is short to allow the difficulty to be tuned and isolated. Role playing games with strategic and tactical impact.

Knights, Brigands & Vikings
Your medieval rpg warriors will need magical swords and armor to upgrade. Iberian knights, Moorish pirates, Carolingian kingdoms, and even vikings have converged on the Kingdom of Burgundy in war with the supernatural and each other.

Fantasy Adventure
Taking elements from fantasy RPG without the grinding common in fantasy adventure games.

Title Burgundia Heroes, Medieval RPG
Requirements Android 6.0+
Available Languages
License Free
Date Added 1637366400
Author Phakawat Phaohom
Website https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.marblelegacy.burgundia
Burgundia Heroes, Medieval RPG

Version 1.9.1 information

Size 84.0 MB