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The description of Contract Creator App

The program will help you fill out the required contract. Or you can save an empty document template to fill it after printing. The document is created in PDF format.

The program is able to draw up contracts ONLY in RUSSIAN !!!

The following contracts are supported:
- loan agreement
- contract of wholesale purchase and sale
- work agreement
- contract of gift of an apartment
- car purchase and sale contract
- real estate lease agreement
- contract for the free use of a car
- for renting a vehicle without a crew
- security services
- legal services
- of sale of real estate
- act of acceptance-transfer
- for the manufacture of the monument
- purchase and sale of movable property
- for the installation of plastic windows
- employment contract
- drilling of a water well
- for hiring a dwelling
- for the construction of a residential house
- for doorphone installation
- rent
- for the carriage of goods by road
- contract of delivery of goods
- simple partnerships
- аgreement on the payment of alimony
- contract of donating a land plot and an apartment house
and others...

The App is under AGPLv3 License¹ terms. The source code can be obtained from github².
The App use a free Java-PDF library:

¹ AGPLv3+:
² Source Code:

Title Contract Creator
Requirements Android 4.4+
Language English
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Author Mudhu Dinesh
Contract Creator

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