Database Management System v 2.7

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The description of Database Management System App

✴ A database management system (DBMS) is system software for creating and managing databases. The DBMS provides users and programmers with a systematic way to create, retrieve, update and manage data.✴

► A DBMS makes it possible for end users to create, read, update and delete data in a database. The DBMS essentially serves as an interface between the database and end users or application programs, ensuring that data is consistently organized and remains easily accessible.✦

【Topics Covered in this App are Listed Below】

⇢ Overview

⇢ Architecture

⇢ Data Models

⇢ Data Schemas

⇢ Data Independence

⇢ ER Model - Basic Concepts

⇢ ER Diagram Representation

⇢ Generalization Aggregation

⇢ Codd's 12 Rules

⇢ Relation Data Model

⇢ Relational Algebra

⇢ ER Model to Relational Model

⇢ SQL Overview

⇢ Normalization

⇢ Joins

⇢ Storage System

⇢ File Structure

⇢ Indexing

⇢ Hashing

⇢ Transaction

⇢ Concurrency Control

⇢ Deadlock

⇢ Data Backup

⇢ Data Recovery

⇢ What is a Database Management System?

⇢ Who Interacts with a DBMS?

⇢ Components of a Database System

⇢ Basic Set Concepts

⇢ DBMS Database Models

⇢ Database Keys

⇢ What is First Normal Form (1NF)?

⇢ What is Second Normal Form?

⇢ Third Normal Form (3NF)

⇢ Boyce-Codd Normal Form (BCNF)

⇢ Fourth Normal Form (4NF)

⇢ create command

⇢ ALTER command

⇢ Truncate, Drop or Rename a Table

⇢ INSERT SQL command

⇢ UPDATE SQL command

⇢ DELETE SQL command

⇢ Commit, Rollback and Savepoint SQL commands



⇢ WHERE SQL clause

⇢ SQL LIKE clause

⇢ ORDER BY Clause

⇢ Group By Clause

⇢ HAVING Clause

⇢ DISTINCT keyword

⇢ AND & OR operator

⇢ Division Operator in SQL

⇢ SQL Constraints

⇢ What are SQL Functions?

⇢ Scalar Functions

⇢ SQL Alias - AS Keyword

⇢ SET Operations in SQL

⇢ What is an SQL Sequence?


Title Database Management System
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Database Management System

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