The description of DSApp App

Seveno's DSApp is a smart-device based application designed to assist with capturing DataSight data using fully responsive and platform agnostic electronic forms. DSApp saves collected data on your device, allowing you to capture data in the field when no network or internet access is available. When you’re back online your collected data can then be uploaded to your FTP Server, where it can be automatically ingested into your DataSight database.

The type of DataSight data that can be collected includes:
- Customisable data entry fields, saved as Variable values in the primary DataSight data table.
- Asset management data, saved as records in Level Construction.
- Equipment calibration data, saved as Equipment Calibration records in Equipment.
- Field parameter values, saved as Variable values in the primary DataSight data table.

DSApp captured data is saved as a DataSight Input file for a given Level 3, which is sent to your nominated FTP Server as a DSI (DataSight Input) file, ready for automated or manual ingestion into DataSight as required.

To be able to use DSApp, you will need:
- A device capable of running DSApp (refer to System Requirements).
- A DataSight database with the DSApp feature upgrade installed (either on-premise or cloud solution).
- DataSight DSApp data files, exported from DataSight.
- An FTP Server, accessible by DSApp and DataSight, for storing DataSight and DSApp data files

Title DSApp
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