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The beautiful Islamic book "Fatawa-e-Razviya" written By a great scholar Imam Ahmad Raza khan Barelvi.

Imam Ahmed Raza Khan was the reformer and Islamic scholar of last century.
He wrote thousands of books on different disciplines of Islamic sciences.
Not only a common Muslim but Scholars also from all over the world declared of appreciated him as their great Mujaddid
(the great scholar and reformer of the century).

It is a manifestation of the blessings of Allah almighty of the Holy Prophet on him that he emerged as a scientist as well.His 'fatawa's Islamic verdicts are a proof of his scientific, Islamic knowledge as a genius.

He guided the Muslims in solving their problems answering their complicated questions and
explaining to them the principles of Islam, fiqh as well.This book turn common Muslim into Scholars of scholars in to "mufti".

Ahmed Raza Khan located in Bareilly city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. He was a 19th-century Ahle Sunnat, who is known for his staunch opposition of Wahhabis in India.

Note: This book is freely provided for spreading Islamic knowledge without any copyright.

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Fatawa Razviya - Mukammal Urdu

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