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The description of Granny's House App

In a certain town, a strange rumor is spreading about a crazed granny who kidnaps children at night and locks them up in an abandoned house. She is said to be scarier than anything in a horror movie, crueler than any demon or twisted clown.
One day, a brave little girl named Dorothy is kidnapped and trapped in granny’s house. Can you help Dorothy defeat the granny and escape from the scary house without getting caught?
Feel the excitement of standing up to and escaping from the granny!
Experience the thrilling gameplay!
You’d better hide… Granny is gonna get you…
Title Granny's House Pursuit and Survival
Requirements Android 4.4+
Available Languages
License free
Date Added 1634169600
Author Shekhar Pal
Granny's House Pursuit and Survival

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Size 101.1 MB