The description of History App

The application presents a timeline of major historical events the oldest ancient civilizations in world history, as well as Poland history, general history of the world and division of prehistoric and historic periods of human history. At each calendar presented are selected museum exhibits and monuments characteristic of civilization.
The application includes a calendar:
- Mesopotamia,
- Indus Valley Civilization,
- Egypt
- The Hittites,
- The Minoans,
- The Phoenicians,
- Israel
- Greece,
- Rome,
- Persia,
- Poland,
- World,
- Prehistoric periods,
- Historical periods.
Available languages: Polish and English.
Title History
Requirements Android 2.1+
Language English
Available Languages
Date Added 1631059200
Author Mostafa Al-Najafi

Version 8.0.0 information

Size 13.0 MB