The description of IMEI App

If you want to know the identity data of your mobile, just download this application. The app shows this data in an easy way.

Saving the data is very simple since you have several options for it. By clicking on any information box, it is copied to the clipboard of your device. In the same way, you have the option to save the data in a text file and in Drive.

Thanks for using this application, feel free to rate and leave feedback.

IMEI App 1.34 Update


Copy to clipboard desired data.
Save data in text plane file in device storage.
Save text file to Drive.
Multilingual support English - Spanish.

Title IMEI
Requirements Android 5.1+
Language English
Available Languages
Date Added 1631491200
Author Manucians Binh

Version 1.34 information

Size 12.5 MB