InstaMan - Batches grabber for Instacart shoppers v 2.2.9

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The description of InstaMan - Batches grabber for Instacart shoppers App

⭐ What it is InstaMan ? ⭐

InstaMan is an app designed with the intention to help Instacart shoppers to catch certain batches. Achieve all this we use official google accessibility libraries to make this tapping and swiping process easier.

🥁 Sound Alert
Whatever batch becomes available, you will be notified by a certain sound.

⌛️ Automatically Refresh
Automatically refreshes the batches page and checks for available batches, intervals from 1 to 10 seconds.

🎯 Auto Batching
Ability to automatically book batches - app filters goes through the list and when it finds a batch which mets your criterias then it will automatically accepts it.

💬 Information
In the app there is an information tab where you can find most of the answers for your questions.

📒 Logs
App automatically collects information and stores it locally(not in the cloud) which is visible only to you. It gives you better visibility on how many batches apps caught during the day or night.

⚗️ Friendly Design
Extremely easy setup of the app, very user friendly GUI(Graphical User Interface). You have options to switch service on/off just by few clicks. Adjust the volume, turn on/off auto refresh, or completely disable the app timer. In the app you have the option to rate us and give us feedback which is very valuable! We update our app constantly so please send us all the feedback or any suggestions via our email.

💰 Multiple settings
Ability to adjust the settings to match most of criterias which is required to Instacart shoppers.

📐 Live support
We are here to help you, you can contact us directly via email and we will respond asap.

❗️ Important
This app uses Accessibility Services to assist users with disabilities and users who are unable to fully interact with their device. The app uses official Android Accessibility Service libraries provided by Google and payment processing provided by Google Playstore.

Title InstaMan - Batches grabber for Instacart shoppers
Requirements Android 8.0+
Language English
Available Languages
Date Added 1630886400
Author Wendy Saselihle Mbewe
InstaMan - Batches grabber for Instacart shoppers

Version 2.2.9 information

Size 28.9 MB