LeakAlertTools by Rompa v 4

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The description of LeakAlertTools App
If you have a LeakAlert Hub device , this application can help you to config the Hub and monitor the LeakAlert devices.
In the configure page, you can setup the WIFI name and password, add or delete LeakAlert you want .
In the monitor page , you can check the LeakAlert status . If a LeakAlert is triggered , this app will play alarm music of current system setting.
Title LeakAlertTools by Rompa
Requirements Android 8.0+
Available Languages
License free
Date Added 1630713600
Author Min Khant Htut
Website https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rompa.rsl_030.leakalertconfiger
LeakAlertTools by Rompa

Version 4 information

Size 1.9MB