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Get ready for a Makeover Queen Dressup Run Game. Get prettier as you walk along the track by picking up beautifying stuff! Makeup, Beauty Products, Clothes, you name it!
Join your girlfriends as you race through the finish line by picking the correct outfits! You’re either in or you’re out with this exciting new dress runner game.
If you want to walk like a QUEEN, always choose the most chic attire! The better the outfit, the higher the scores. Swipe left and right. Navigate through challenging obstacles and collect as many gems as you can. See what happens when you pick out different colored outfits. It’s all about dressing up or down so be sure to aim for that best look in the end!
Title Makeover Queen Dressup Run
Requirements Android 4.1+
Available Languages
License free
Date Added 1630281600
Author Kaate Samer
Makeover Queen Dressup Run

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Size 37.8MB