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The description of Music Center for Wear App

Music Center completely revamps music control from your watch.

Instead of persistent notification that you have to find every time you want to pause or change track, app devotes full screen to the music control. That screen stays open and easily accessible until you manually decide to close it.

Screen is divided into four big touchable sections that allow very easy control even without looking at the watch or even in difficult situations, for example, when riding a bike.

All extra hardware buttons on the watches are fully supported and remappable, as is rotary crown, which controls the volume of the music.

In addition to simple playback control, app can also start playback, either by resuming playback for any specific app or by starting your favorite playlist/artist/album etc. via tasker tasks.

If the four full-screen actions are not enough, you can access extra action list by swiping upwards, which gives you unlimited amount of actions, to cover all your music apps and playlists. All actions are completely customizable, including their icons and text.

Title Music Center for Wear
Requirements Android 5.0+
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Music Center for Wear

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