New zMahjong Solitaire IQ v 13.5.1

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The description of New zMahjong Solitaire IQ App

This is the a variated version of Zhongyuan Mahjong (Solitaire) with Hint and Undo and Score Center newly added.

zMahjong Solitaire is the most difficult and amazing puzzle game in the world! This game demands huge observations, great patience and challenging spirit! Although only 10% people can finally complete the game, yet tens of thousands of people are challenging and enjoying it every day!
Title New zMahjong Solitaire IQ
Requirements Android 4.4+
Available Languages
License free
Date Added 1630886400
Author LuXx Rayz
New zMahjong Solitaire IQ

Version 13.5.1 information

Size 35.8MB