NumBall 2048 Bubble Game Number Buster v 1.611

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The description of NumBall App

NumBall is a mobile game with a new gameplay based on 2048. 🤗Players can enjoy levels in NumBall, ✨and there are lots of levels waiting for you to challenge. 🕵️The game has various modes which are full of fun and 😍very suitable for killing time. 🐾The simple way to get started and the operation mode make it easy for all players to get started and experience the fun of the game! 🧐

💯1. Place the largest number in the corner as much as possible.
💯2. Arrange the numbers next to each other in order.
💯3. Ensure that the column/row where the largest and the second largest number exist is full.
💯4. Always pay attention to the larger flexible number (above 32) which should have a similar number next to it.
💯5. The row where the larger number is located decides the main moving direction.
Title NumBall 2048 Bubble Game Number Buster
Requirements Android 4.4+
Available Languages
License free
Date Added 1633651200
Author Abdullah Musab Tepetam
NumBall 2048 Bubble Game Number Buster

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