The description of Photo Puzzles App

Photos/Images are an integral part of our lives. Lots of images are available around us. Today we are surrounded with many images camera, selfies, Instagram/Whatsapp photos, etc.
Apart from entertainment images can be used for learning as well. Images create an impression on our memory and thus are good source of memorizing something.
Photo Puzzle is a puzzle game which shakes your brainy cells. The game is about breaking a photo into blocks and assembling these blocks to make the photo again. Each photo puzzle has 4 levels viz beginner, master, expert and challenge. The number of pieces increases as the level increases.
Title Photo Puzzles
Requirements Android 4.1+
Available Languages
License free
Date Added 1633392000
Author Aidil Zerohell
Photo Puzzles

Version 1.3 information

Size 8.7MB