Picte OCR - Extract And Convert Text From Pictures v 1.0

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The description of Picte App

Extract and convert any Latin-character based text from a picture, using OCR(optical character recognition) technology. Edit it and save the text to a DOC file. After that you can delete or edit the text within the app, or use an external application for text editing.

If you need to scan more than one images into a single file just load the pictures one by one, click the "convert" button and the app will append the newly scanned text to the end of the last one.



* Camera button - take a picture with the camera, load it into the application and scan it.
* Image button - load an image from the gallery, scan and convert it to text.
* Clear button(for the image) - clear the current picture, so that you may load a new one.


* Save button - save the extracted text to a file.
* List button - access all the saved files.
* Clear button(for the text) - clear all the currently loaded text.

Title Picte OCR - Extract And Convert Text From Pictures
Requirements Android 4.4W+
Language English
Available Languages
Date Added 1642032000
Author David
Website https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.beshevgames.picture.to.text.converter
Picte OCR - Extract And Convert Text From Pictures

Version 1.0 information

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