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Pink game: Squid Hunger's deadly premise is teeming with life. How does it feel to fight with 456 players , knowing that your life depends on yourself because you know anyone can kill you? Will you be able to win the game knowing that the rule of games is simple but dead also near you if you lose. In squid horror game, you will have a chance to face your reward money, but you’re warned… Reality is damn scary!

In this colourful horror game, 456 stickman player compete in childhood games to survival with their lives at stake, all to win the grand prize of 456 billion USD. The Squid Survival Shooting Games featuring contests such as Red Light, Green Light, dalgona candy, tug-of-war and marbles. Be sure not to miss the final squid survival game, which is a real roller-coaster.
Title Pink Game Squid, Fish Game
Requirements Android 4.4+
Available Languages
License free
Date Added 1633392000
Author حيدر المالكي
Pink Game Squid, Fish Game

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