The description of PTBusBeacon App

PT Bus Beacon provides a live bus map and arrival predictions for the Pullman Washington public transit system. Use the app to set reminders, trigger push notifications that will give arrival predictions without even opening the app, plan your trip and access general information for Pullman Transit.

PTBusBeacon App 1.0 Update


We have redesigned our app to make it easier to use and more responsive to your preferences. The new design incorporates accessibility best practices, making our app more useful to more of our passengers.

App users will now have:
* More easily access real-time arrival information
* Receive personalized service alerts that keep them informed of modifications or disruptions to their trips
* Save favorite stops and routes to a new Favorites tab, making future trips even easier
and so much more..

Title PTBusBeacon
Requirements Android 6.0+
Language English
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Date Added 1631577600
Author Buruhani Haja

Version 1.0 information

Size 84.7 MB