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The description of Ramadan Wallpaper App
When this application was made and released for the first time, we have prepared carefully and prepared everything needed to become the best application of Ramadan wallpapers this month. Today is entered at 7 Rajab 1440 H, which means that soon we will enter the holy month of Ramadan 1440 H and only a few more months. With this background we "SUHUDESA" made a simple application in the form of Ramadan Wallpapers to be used as Wallpaper on your android smartphone to make it more beautiful, attractive, and comfortable to use. The use of this Ramadan Wallpaper application is very easy, you just choose which wallpaper image assets do you think are good, then you just apply it to be a wallpaper. The main advantage of this simple Ramadan Wallpaper application is located in "All wallpaper assets are available offline", so you do not need an internet connection anymore if at any time this Ramadan Wallpaper application you need. We mention the term "Only Once Download can be used Forever".

Ramadhan is a month full of blessings and also a very glorious month where there is one night that we look forward to coming to, namely the "Night of Laylat al-Qodar" is 1 night with the same reward as 1000 other nights. We will also always make this Ramadhan Wallpaper application update to be even better, so wait for our next release.

Disclaimer "All the image assets that we provide are licensed free, we use them for aesthetic or beauty purposes only. If one or more of the image assets that we have provided are infringing and are not eligible to be displayed by the copyright owner, please don't hesitate to contact us via email: [email protected], we will immediately resolve the problem.
"Hopefully this application can be useful for you all".
Title Ramadan Wallpaper
Requirements Android 4.4+
Language English
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Date Added 1641859200
Author မခြဲအတူ
Website https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.suhudesa.ramadhanwallpaper
Ramadan Wallpaper

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