Relax Night Sounds v 3.5

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The description of Relax Night Sounds App

High-quality hand-picked nature sounds gives a great experience of relaxation. You can mix various sounds to get your desired relaxing atmosphere. The app plays different sounds of the night, the sounds played in this way are also known as white noise. White noise has beneficial effects on the body and mind because, covering the noise of the external environment, promotes relaxation and concentration.

Some people need complete silence in order to get a good night’s sleep. Others find that ambient sounds — a.k.a. soothing background noise — can help them decompress, so they can fall asleep and sleep soundly throughout the night.

Relax Night Sounds App Features :

● All Sounds are high quality sounds
● App can work in the background
● Auto-play sounds mode available
● App works offline after download.
● Free App
● Set any Sound as Ringtone, Alarm tone, Notification tone.

How to Install and use Relax Night sounds app?
☆ Install the app from play store
☆ Open the app and click on any sound to play
☆ Choose sound and hold to set it as ringtone
☆ Click on top right corner 3 dot's to set auto repeat mode.
That's It !!

Download the app now and enjoy.

Title Relax Night Sounds
Requirements Android 4.4+
Language English
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Author Kyeran Rlced
Relax Night Sounds

Version 3.5 information

Size 20.9 MB