Ropy Hero 3D: Action Adventure v 1.5.2

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What can you do to run away from mad scientists trying to turn you into a super mutant? Get ready for the real thrill of a great fight in Ropy Hero - a new action hit master game!

The world is divided between a few mighty genetic corporations, who strive for developing universal soldiers - mutants, able to destroy armies in minutes. You play as a victim of human experiments, the only survivor who has just managed to escape a lab. Why are you still standing here? Run! There are thousands of robot guards trying to hunt you down!
Title Ropy Hero 3D: Action Adventure
Requirements Android 5.0+
Available Languages
License free
Date Added 1632787200
Author Gustavo Reis de Souza
Ropy Hero 3D: Action Adventure

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Size 71.2 MB