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Rubik's Connected is the classic cube redesigned for the 21st century - a Smart and Connected Cube.
With its new technology, the Smart Rubik's offers new and exciting play experiences for all levels of players, all ages and all capabilities. These include fun interactive tutorials for beginners, statistics and challenges for players who wish to level up their game, and the world's first online cubing league and competition, turning the Rubik's Cube into a social connected world.
More than that, the App propose casual games that employ the cube as a controller, enable anyone to enjoy the classic toy, even if they are not interested in learning how to solve it.
Title Rubik's Connected
Requirements Android 5.1+
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License Free
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Author ชื่อเติ้ลนะครับอย่าลืม อะโรคา
Rubik's Connected

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