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This story revolves around the Escape mission from a scary hotel wherein the manager of the hotel is involved in the scary ghost mission of attacking the guests at night thereby creating the screaming sounds and hence there one of the guests at night seeking the water or ice cream sees one of the guest screaming and the misty jug in his hand slips away from his hand after hearing the scary ice scream and like other scary stories in his mind he has looked before or heard like one of his teachers told him scary teacher stories which always make him scared. He felt like a stranger in the hotel room and memorized the scary ice cream scary story of a scary neighbour story told by his grandma who used to tell him other scary stories like Evil Teacher, Bad Teacher, Francis, Secret Neighbor, Strangers, Miss Baba, Mrs scary story.
Title Scary Stranger Hotel Escape Game 3D
Requirements Android 4.4+
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License free
Date Added 1626393600
Author Carlos Garcia
Scary Stranger Hotel Escape Game 3D

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