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Do you want to feel more refreshed in the mornings? Do you want to fall asleep easier? Or are you trying to learn ways to get the most out of your sleep? With our science-based approach, we help you wake up to your full potential. Sleep affects everything we do, and we help you get the most out of it. Developed by world-leading sleep expert, Dr. Els van der Helm, and her team of sleep scientists, Shleep is a multi-channel platform that surrounds you with the sleep support you need at any present moment. Download the app now and feel better!

“Great tips, coaching, and tracking features that are already helping me develop better sleep habits.”

“Despite 30+yrs of experience of my own, Shleep really helped me sleep better!”

“After getting this app I'm feeling much better! Not so tired when I wake up, or something like that. That's amazing! Thank you so much!”


- Reduce stress and get great sleep with 50+ guided exercises
- Get personalized coaching tips based on your sleep to get through the day after a bad night’s sleep
- Track your sleep or sync your tracker for a deeper understanding of your sleep patterns
- Get insights about your sleep and track your progress
- Get answers directly from sleep experts to all your sleep-related questions

Since 2016, Shleep has touched more than 150,000 lives. Shleep users in the past have reduced their sleep debt by up to 40% and decreased stress levels by up to 20%. We hope we can help you, too! Let us know, if you need any support or if you are facing any problems under [email protected]

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