The description of Snap Count App

Born from the idea of a high school defensive lineman, this is a great app for helping pee-wee and high school football players. It is mainly for offensive and defensive linemen, but it could help any position. Paying attention to the ball and drowning out the audible snap count is difficult, but with this app, you will improve your performance. This will help a lot with your explosiveness and getting off the ball, key skills on the gridiron.

How does it work?

Hold the phone in your hand or use an armband phone holder to attach it to your forearm.
Start the snap count by touching the screen (the screen goes red). Once the ball's been snapped (screen goes from red to green), the counter starts. MOVE!!! The app will sense your movement and show you your reaction time.

Title Snap Count
Requirements Android 5.1+
Language English
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Author Minh Thuận
Snap Count

Version 1.18 information

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