The description of StuntMan App

It’s time to jump into action. Run, jump, and flip over objects. The world is your playground and any object is available for you to play on. In this hardcore parkour action, run as fast as you can while you dodge objects and race to the finish line. Nothing can stand in your way. People will try to stop your momentum but just hit them back, or dodge them! Do whatever it takes to get to the end.

In this exhilarating fast pace racing game, you are a flip trickster in a race for fun. Scale buildings, jump across towers and dodge cars. Smile for the camera because you are a star. Keep doing crazy tricks and maybe you’ll become the next viral sensation
Title StuntMan
Requirements Android 5.1+
Available Languages
License free
Date Added 1630281600
Author Pedro Henrique Alves

Version 1.6.7 information

Size 81.9MB