Sword of Legacy MMORPG - RPG - MMO - Retro v 0.9.0

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🧙🧚🧟🧞 ------ 🐀🦇🐤🐍🦋🐜
Come, enter the fabulous world of Lucrezia 🌍! A thrilling adventure awaits you in this new MMORPG. You will fight monsters, face numerous players, craft a wide variety of pets, and travel the open world on foot or on the back of magnificent mounts.

Completely free, no ads, no pay-to-win, just a cosmetics store 🦄

🔥 Multiple character personalization options
🔥 Class system
🔥 Dozens of spells
🔥 A wide variety of cosmetic items and equipment 👑👘🧥🧤👕🎩
🔥 Open world Environment including various biomes 🏰⛰️🏜️🏝️
Title Sword of Legacy MMORPG - RPG - MMO - Retro
Requirements Android 4.4W+
Available Languages
License free
Date Added 1636761600
Author Rudi Arvan Cebong
Website https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lucrezia.swordoflegacy
Sword of Legacy MMORPG - RPG - MMO - Retro

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Size 78.8MB