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On a quest to secure the Chronosphere, the Wizard is ambushed by the Dark Forces. Hope is lost as the Wizard takes their last breath...until the Chronosphere hums, and rewinds time itself! Armed with knowledge of the assault, and increased Power, the Wizard steels themselves for the next Wave!

• Utilize Spells of Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Poison to crush through hordes of foes!
• Multiple layers of progression, including Power, Research, Enchanting, Level, Awakenings, Eras, and Totems!
• Awaken the Wizard to unlock game-changing abilities such as Retribution, Golden Envy, and Arcane Surge!
Title Tap Wizard 2
Requirements Android 5.0+
Available Languages
License free
Date Added 1633132800
Author Melvyn Gastin
Tap Wizard 2

Version 1.0.24 information

Size 38.0MB