The description of TrailerApp App

Does this sound familiar to you? You are at the cinema and there are about seven trailers before the actual movie starts. Some trailers pack you right in and you would like to see the movie once it’s released. But as soon as you leave the cinema you forgot the trailers and movie titles. TrailerApp is the solution:

Push it: Immediately after the cinema visit TrailerApp sends a push message to the visitor with a list of all the trailers shown in front of the main movie.

Check it: Simply bookmark the trailers with a touch – done

Save it: Bookmarked trailers are automatically saved to the „personal favorite list“

See it: Once ticket-sales for the preferred movies start, the user gets a push-message, informing about the theatrical release including a direct-link to the online-ticket shop of the preferred cinema

Title TrailerApp
Requirements Android 7.1+
Language English
Available Languages
Date Added 1641945600
Author Salome Dolidze

Version 2.2.1 information

Size 26.5 MB