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Truck Navigation and Free route finder app is a great tool for truckers. If you are worried that you will get stuck in a rush hour or narrow road. Well now your worries are over, we bring the best GPS navigation with offline maps for truck drivers. This app will not only create the most suitable route with turn by turn navigation but also comes with a lot more features for truck drivers. This is the best app with accurate offline truck maps. This amazing trucker gps is very handy for long distance traveling. Your navigation while driving a truck can was never so comfortable.

Free Truck Route Finder app will find ways that will perfectly suit your truck journey. This app comes with all features that a trucker can possibly need for a safe journey. Most important of those features is the multiple truck path finder. It includes Truck Gps navigation and night mode for better user experience. Turn by turn directions and the most suitable route finder makes your job very easy.

Offline truck maps and navigation is a very handy feature for far away areas where network signals are weak. In those areas you can navigate very easily without any interruption. You can also plan your route and add stops.

Avoid blockage, traffic and low under passes by selecting the type of your trucks. Put all parameters like height, length, type of material you are caring for and a best route will be generated for you. This route created will not depend on the shortest distance. It will be depending on parameters you entered.


GPS Navigation for Trucks.
Nearby Workshops and restroom finder.
Fuel station finder in your route
Traffic updates
Voice navigation and turn by turn direction finder.
Find Parking for your truck.
Speedometer to keep track of your speed.
Digital and Analog compass to find directions.
Flashlight in case of any trouble at night.

Accurate Truck Routing:
Find the best suitable route for a comfortable journey.

Traffic updates with speed limit and closed roads alerts.

Safe route for flammable material:
Get the safest path according to your material.

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Truck Route Navigation - Maps, Directions

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