The description of Truco Animado App

The first and only Truco game for mobile that is really animated! You can play in ONLINE mode (against other reals), and OFFLINE (against artificial intelligence), and even choose which mode you prefer: Truco Paulist and Truco Mineiro. The game has more than 100 characters for you to collect, being possible to customize your clothes and persevering!

In ONLINE Mode you can customize your room with scenarios, tables and decks of your choice! The rooms, when incomplete, are always available for players to enter even with the game in progress, thus making the game fun and without changing your experience!
Title Truco Animado
Requirements Android 6.0+
Available Languages
License free
Date Added 1622764800
Author Tejas Menon
Truco Animado

Version 60.64 information

Size 47.8 MB