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If a robot crisis breaks out, will you seek refuge from the mechanical armament, or stand up to protect Zgirls?
In the world of "Zgirls3", you can choose to protect the school with both.

Death brings new life. After the zombie crisis was lifted, the fear of zombies and viruses has made people increasingly rely on the power of technology, and more different types of robots have appeared. However, for unknown reasons, the first sound from AI after gaining freedom turns out to be a signal for the extermination of humanity. Faced with the robot crisis, you have to lead Zgirls to restart the Standby Superco
Title Zgirls3
Requirements Android 5.0+
Available Languages
License Free
Date Added 1631664000
Author Lizzy Carolina
Website https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.starring.zgirls5

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