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collecting coins with PlaySmart apk: PlaySmart apk is receiving a prize of an attractive and excellent program and receiving Scoring and cash and virtual gifts such as gift cards, which was designed by Team BestPlay studio and published for free on Google Play.

The methods of collecting coins with PlaySmart apk

Have you ever wanted to win real prizes for playing games? What do you do if you can make extra money by experimenting with new games? With PlaySmart apk, you get paid every minute. It's simple: the more you play, the more money you make. Sounds exciting, right?

Free games are a great way for spending time at home, but it is always better if you can make money. PlaySmart apk is a great and reputable program to introduce the newest and most popular games for gamers. Gamers receive PlaySmart apk coins for every minute of playing and downloading games, and with coins, the program can give gifts such as: Amazon Gift - Visa Gift - or Google Play Gift Cards and use them to buy games like Pabji and Clap Duty or Clash of Clans to buy coins and diamonds for games! You can also get gift coins by inviting your friends to the program, which makes it easier for you to get a gift card! In the following, we will tell you the methods of collecting coins sooner and the important points in running the program so that you can use it better!

What is a gift card?

Gif card is in fact the present card that with helping it which you can buy for free or get a big discount from PlaySmart apk. In fact, it is just a discount code that you enter in the purchase section when you buy a product from various apps such as PlaySmart apk.

If you have a limited budget, you can buy cheaper gift cards. So budget constraints do not stop you.

For example Swagbucks, iTunes, MyPoints, InboxDollars ,Prizegrab, FreebiePoints, GiveawayMonkey and AppNana are a free webs bonus app that gives you free gift cards and money for things done online or via mobile.

In fact, you can be rewarded in different ways, including shopping in stores, watching movies, playing games, searching the web, or completing surveys.

Some programs require you install the apk, while others want you to reach a certain level by playing the game.

Playsmart allows you to gain credibility with playing games.

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You will receive additional scores in the following cases:

Referring a friend. Every time you introduce one of your friends, you get some scores from him or her. They have to use your link to register.

As well as Participating in polls or playing games in exchange for receiving a virtual coin that can be converted into a gift card

 Some features of the PlaySmart apk app

  • Introducing games with different styles

  • Receiving coins in exchange for downloading and playing

  • Different levels to receive prizes

  • Get more coins by inviting friends

  • Receiving daily rewards with activity

  • Having an attractive and completely professional environment.

Important points in running and using PlaySmart apk

  • The program is sanction for some countries and you should use Vpn and it should always be on. It is recommend using the US server because the US gift card can be used better!

  • For getting a $ 10 gift card, you have to collect 3,000 coins. The best thing is downloading the games and get to level 5 and clear them. Go to the next game to get to level 5 faster, because the next levels will be harder to reach!

  • You do not need to play, the PlaySmart apk app gives you scores based on time. You should be in the online game for about 30 to 40 minutes to give you scores.

  • If it does not bring a new game, you must change your Vpn server and download new games to introduce the new game. Also, when ordering a gift card, be sure to log in with the US ip so that the US gift will be sent to you!

  • By clicking on the download link of the program, get about 250 coins as a gift. If you download without a link, you will not be given a gift!

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