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Have you ever download ultra cleaner pro apk on your device? Is your phone full and there’s no more storage in it? Don’t worry! With ultra cleaner pro, you can delete all the spam files and get some space in your phone to download your needed applications!

This is an application for all of the users who want to clean the spaces which are occupied by spam files that never use. With this apk on your device, it’s possible to warn you of the spam files and the sizes of these files to free up them as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at the abilities of ultra cleaner pro.

Cleaning as a vacuum!

Ultra cleaner pro is a kind of cleaner application designed for Android devices and has a fully-featured clean boost app. The pro ability of this application is designed in 2021 and speeds up removing the files and all extra junk files that you never know about them.

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Ultra cleaner runs in a hidden process and makes your phone slowing down. This application uses special AI technology to detecting the apps which make your device overheat and cause slow operation and battery drain.

If your phone overheats and you cannot understand what are the causes of this issue, do not worry about it because ultra cleaner pro can do it as well and slow down your smartphone.

clean the junks

What are the key features of ultra cleaner?

This application includes lots of features and special key points for all of the users who want to try it. Some of these features are included in:

  • Making your phone fast and clean as a new one

  • Free performance

  • Cleaning and boosting your phone

  • Simple to learn

  • Virus-total detected engines

  • Safe and not harmful

  • Available for Android devices

  • An excellent Fancy cleaner 2021 alternative

How does it work?

To working and running ultra cleaner pro, you need to install it on your device with a 4.0+ Android version. After that, you can run the app and access the first screen of this application which shows the percentage of free spaces and your device safe.

By clicking on the percentage circle, it starts to boost and find all the junk files but you have to wait for a while. The final percentage of junk files will be shown in form of a total size based on MB, so, you need to click on the cleaning and the app will clean all the junk files.

It’s simple to learn and work with ultra cleaner pro with a suitable graphic and different features on the app.

How to get an application?

To get the application, you can go to valid markets of your smartphone such as the Google play store. If you do not access this market, see filexl.com and find your app by searching. The pure file for Android devices will show on your screen and starts to download.

Is it able to find viruses with this application?

Yes, of course! The bottom of the first screen shows a section that is referred to the viruses of your phone, by clicking on this item, the system starts to find all the viruses from the whole stored files, applications, messages, and even the photos.

Can ultra cleaner pro decrease overheat?

Actually, this application can slow down the CPU of your phone and decreases the overheating caused by games, files, and overuse. You need to click on CPU bottom and the application runs and reduces the heat of your phone.

Advantage and disadvantages of ultra cleaner pro


  • Any version of the application is available to get

  • No need to a verification process

  • The APK of the application stores on your files and you can uninstall or re-install any time


  • Downloading the third-party sources is not verified by Google

  • APK file might contain viruses to steal your data and corrupt your phone

  • App won’t update automatically

Ultra cleaner pro-APK is a kind of useful application for all Android users who want to cleanse junk files and free up spaces from their phones. This is transparent for Android users to have this application and do not let junk files and viruses be in their phones.

To see pure files and get them on our device, go to filexl.com and find the application.
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