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Have you ever tried ice scream 4 apk download? How should play in this game? Ice scream 4 is a kind of scary video game that allows the player to escape from the prison that is managed by scary ice creams.

This is a game that is playing with your creativity and moment EQ to find the ways and find from all of the ice cream securities.

Let’s take a look at know everything about ice scream 4 apk download and the way to play.

More about ice scream 4

This happened for times you want to play horror and scary playing game, and sometimes you cannot find your interested one. Ice scream 4 apk download is a good choice for all players who like to play horror games.

Playing with ice scream 4 is recommended to the gamers who do not scare of anything because you will be existed and sometimes be scared of something happening in the game, particularly, when you want to escape from prison. This is why that ice scream 4 apk download has been raised recently.

If you have been encouraged to do with ice scream 4 apk download, this is recommended to keep something in your mind about the game which we intend to describe in this article.

The story of the game

After you have rescued your three friends from the prisons of Rod’s clutch, the evil ice cream will capture them again and take them to his factory. So, you have to rescue them from this place.

Of course, ice scream 4 is the next chapter of this playing game series that J has been made his special ice cream with special ingredients and your friends collected them to become fatten and let Rod capture them.

Now, in the new chapter, Rod is taking you to his factory where you’ll find out more information about the past of Sullivan and his family. Now, you have to explore every area of the factory and square up yourself inside the helpers of mysterious ice cream makers and uncover surprises about them.

The entire thing you have to do is free up your friends from the cages before anyone ends up them in the extraction room.

The features of ice scream 4

Know the game in more detail:

  1. New enemies and the gamers who have been playing the previous chapters know they should confront Rod’s new helpers. The guards want to make you stop and alert Rod if they see you accidentally. All matters are dodging and escaping them.

  2. There are fun and ingenious puzzles in the game to solve and make your friends free from the cage

  3. This is a free and vast exploration area without any interconnected setting and loading time that is full of secrets about Rod and his guards and ice cream makers

  4. A narrative cinematic helps you to figure out and understand everything about what’s is going on

  5. Play with different difficulties at your own ghost status. These difficulties put your skills to a test.

  6. Immerse yourself in the world of ice scream with its original and unique sound which are exclusively recorded for the game

  7. A hint system exists in-depth window and is full of options to help you solve the puzzles with your gaming style.

This is a terrifyingly good game for fun for all of the audiences and players.

Other features of ice scream 4 game

  • Scary

  • Fantastical

  • Vast

  • Fun experience

  • Fright guarantee


This is recommended to use headphones for a better playing experience with its unique music and sound of scary items into the game.

Additional information about the game

The game has been updated on October 20, 2021, with at least 162MB size with more than 10.000.000 downloads. The current version of the game is 1.1.4 and requires 4.4 and more Android versions.

Pay attention that this is not a good game for your children under 10 years old, so, control your children what they want to play.

How can I download the game?

If you are desired for ice scream 4 apk download, you can see our pure downloading file in All of the games are presented with a pure file to make a good experience for the gamers.

we‘ve talked about ice scream 4 which is the latest and new chapter of this game series.
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