How to set a table in Rummy city?

How to set a table in Rummy city? v

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How to play rummy city? Is it an online game? Rummy city is a kind of online card game for all card lovers to set various tables of different frames of card games. This online game is the latest update for the Andriod and IOS platforms to make a better experience for the users in an expanded space.

If you intend to play Rummy city for the first time, you must know the main terms and rules in the game and get familiar with different sections of the game. So, let’s get some information about this card game.

The features of the game

Rummy city has lots of prominent features for the users to make a good time of playing this amazing graphic play game. The main features of Rummy city are included in:

  1. Slick design

  2. Rich game statistics

  3. Multi ways to login

  4. Track your performance

  5. High definition and amazing graphic

  6. Works normally in 2.2G up to 3G data connection

What are the playing rules of Rummy city?

Rummy city include some rules for playing and all of the users need to get familiar with these rules:

  • The games are tabled between 2 up to 5 players

  • Each of the players is allowed to deal with 13 cards

  • The game uses 2 standard decks each with 52 cards

  • Arrange your cards into a valid group or order to win

  • You can combine 3 cards with the same face and different suits

  • To create a pure sequence, you should complete two sequences

  • It’s available to create a pure sequence if you do not have a Joker card

  • One or more clowns can complete the sequence sets

  • It’s possible to use a Joker card instead of any other card at the beginning of the game

  • By placing more than 3 cards, you can create sequence running cards


How to join for a game?

As you install and open the game, there’re three main ways to log in. if you want to play as a guest, you can click on Tourist and play without logging in. Facebook will connect your account with this application, the Mobile way is the method you can give your phone number.

Click on Mobile and insert your phone number. You will guide to the next page that shows a chart. The top-right-corner is showing your volume of cash and you can add it by clicking on Add cash. To recharge your table by recommended options. The recharging options are varied from 10 up to 5000.


The bottom-right corner also shows your profile photo, ID, and other personal data. Into the chart, there’re two sections of Regular and Practice.

The first section is the real tables of the games you should enter by cash. The minimum volume of needed cash for entry is shown on the chart. The Point Value is referred to the value of the game that you want to enter.

The number of players also registered on each line and the button for joining is clear. The second section belongs to Practice, where the new players can watch and learn how to play the game.


There’s another button called Cash Out that you can cash out what you’ve been won in the games. Your total balance and withdrawable are on the top and show the amounts of cash you have won and are able to cash out.

So, insert the amount of cash, your email, mobile phone, name, and account number to recognize your account.

Is it only available to play online?

Rummy city is a kind of online game and the players can connect to the networks with at least 2.2G or 3G connections and play.

Unfortunately, this is impossible to play the game offline because the tables are run by players from around the world.

What is the size of the apk?

Rummy city will occupy only 19.7MB of your whole storage and it's completely free to play.


The game is available for Android devices with the 6.0 version and later and IOS 9.0 and later.

Can I get real cash?

The game is designed in a way to get the real cash after you have won the runs. According to the mentioned steps for getting amounts, real cash can be accessible for the users. So, how much you win more, more cash can be earned.

We described the main structure of Rummy city for the users to log in and start to play easily.
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