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Want to download idle hyper racing for gamer? Are you interested in racing games? Racing games always have fans and include the most favorite types of playing games on all of the devices and platforms.

Idle hyper racing is a kind of car racing game for all lovers of car racing. This is also a kind of relax game for everyone upper than 10 years old. Follow up for more information about this game.

How to play?

To play the game, choose a car and start a racing game. After races, you earn money and coins due to the score you get. Now. By earning more coins and win prizes, you can improve your cars, buy more cars, and create a wonderful factory of hundreds of racing cars.

You also can choose locations of your racing from various places. This is not a strategic play game but you can store lots of cars and use them whenever you like.

merging cars on game

What is the category of idle hyper racing?

If you like to play a racing game with developing abilities that make possibilities to upgrade better cars, locations, and levels, idle hyper racing is a good choice for your free time.

As it cores, the idle hyper racing game includes in the category of racing games on different platforms such as android, IOS, Microsoft, and … it is also can run on all of these mentioned devices.

The rank history shows how much the idle hyper racing game is popular among the gamers on the Google play store. This popularity is also changed over time and now gets better than always.

It’s ok to track the performance of this game on your device, every day, and in every location you are.

Things to know about idle hyper racing

  • Lots of car models for car lovers

  • An idle ground to get coins

  • Free and online game

  • Creating the best car factory of your favorite cars

  • Simple car game for kids and other ages

This casual game allows you to race more and more and get coins, so, by the coins you have earned, you can find different other cars, create your car factory, and make your idle garage of your best cars.

Idle hyper racing features

  • Build your own dream car factory

  • Merge high-quality cars

  • Develop your own car factory

  • Get money and coin online

  • Install the game on all types of devices

  • High quality and fantastic graphic

  • Fast speed of the game

  • Earning real money by winning awards

  • Suitable for kids and all ages

Does this game need a special strategy?

Idle hyper racing game does not need any strategy and you can play it as you like and create your town whatever you want. Of course, it’s better to observe some tips that are mentioned below:

  1. Level up your cars super fast

  2. Unblock the supercars

  3. Upgrade your town

  4. Get more cars

  5. Play more races

  6. Try to win the prizes

Requirements for download the game

If you like to download the game, initially, go for safety and pure market to get the pure app. Download it from and install it on your device.

If your phone supports Android 4.4+, you can install it. The total size of its apk is 86.1MB, and how much you develop your game, the total size of the file increases.

Can I play it offline?

If you want to play idle hyper racing offline, you only can participate in races, and developing the cars or creating your own town is not running offline.

Pay attention to the sources you want to download the game, because the malicious and impure apk are distributing on many websites, so, it cannot run or damage your device. Try to get the game from trusted sources.


Idle hyper racing is an addictive game, so, attend the times you spend on this game and do not overplay!

Does it have an in-app purchase?

Idle hyper racing for gamers does not have an in-app purchase in order to block the new playing stages. Of course, the application contains ads.

If you like to play the game, get it from filexl and see the other playing games that are available for android devices.
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