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In app payments of NBA 2k21: Basketball may not be the most popular sport among video game audiences, but it is one of the most popular, and there are many users who always watch NBA games and various documentaries around it. Meanwhile, the NBA 2K21 series can be considered the best and highest quality set. Of course, in the last two or three years, we have witnessed a significant lack of progress compared to the previous versions in this series, which has caused NBA 2K21 to not show itself.

Does NBA 2K21 really inspire a new game?

The world is in a situation where manufacturers are delaying the release of their games due to the corona virus, but it seems that sports games are still being offered at full price. With the current situation, the question is whether NBA 2K21 is really inspiring a new game? In response, NBA 2K21, although it has made some changes, is by no means like a new and complete game, and the old problems still plague the game.

The NBA 2K21 storyline, or MyCareer mode, has been one of the most popular NBA 2K modes in recent years. Visual Concepts Studios, the creator of NBA 2K, in NBA 2K21 has gone for another cinematic story that offers an engaging and entertaining experience. MyCareer mode tells the story of a boy named Jr that created by you. Jr. spent his early high school years in playing football, but now he has come to basketball.

Of course, the reason for this change can be attributed to his father Duke, Jr.'s father, was one of the best basketball players in the region who never made it to the NBA. So Jr. came to basketball so he could follow in his father's footsteps and join the best NBA teams. MyCareer NBA 2K21 game consists of two different parts. The first part is about the story of Jr. and how he got on one of the NBA teams.

The second part, which goes beyond its narrative mode, is about a basketball player who after qualifying for one of the NBA teams, has to fight to become the best player in the professional league. Visual Concepts has used basketball players such as Zayn Williamson and Damien Lillard in the MyCareer story section to give players a realistic experience. In general, MyCareer NBA 2K21 is the same as before. By showing good performance in competitions, players can be in the starting lineup of their team and become one of the best NBA stars during different seasons.

The Impact of in-app payments on gameplay

Your good performance will earn you more VC (in-game money). So you can upgrade your character more in the areas you want. In the meantime, as the number of fans increases, having better contracts and different sponsors will make you get a VC. Of course, all of this works until your character reaches level 75 to 80. After this level, his growth rate decreases sharply and the amount of VC required to upgrade the character is much higher than what you get.

The Impact of in-app payments of NBA 2K21Another MyCareer issue is NBA 2K21. Players can buy VCs for real money and quickly increase their character power. You might say to yourself that this is acceptable for the MyCareer section, because we are dealing with an offline section. But MyCareer is not a completely offline part, and the presence of online street racing in MyCareer makes in-app payments affect the gameplay.

The Impact of in-app payments of NBA in MyTeam mode

The NBA 2K series is always known for having multiple content for experience; As always, users with different tastes can be entertained in this game. If you want to develop your own player, MyCareer is the place to go, if you want to build your basketball team and have an experience similar to the FIFA Series Ultimate mode, MyTeam will keep you happy. However, those interested in coaching basketball can also switch to MyGm mode.

Players in MyTeam mode can start their team with regular NBA players with bronze value. You can then earn money by participating in various offline competitions and challenges. So with the money you earn, you can buy different packs of cards to get your chance to get players with better value than bronze. Meanwhile, players can also do this through VC. Therefore, The Impact of in-app payments of NBA in MyTeam mode are also effective.
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