The best Android mobile games in the world

The best Android mobile games in the world v

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The best Android games in the world - Android games are developing over time and they are replacing many popular games. Android mobile games have gained lots of popularity among gamers. In the following, we will discuss the best Android games in the world that have sold a lot recently.


Call of Duty

Call Of Duty is for sure one of the best mobile games ever made by Infinity Ward. You can experience being a real fighter and the style of first-person shooting in this game adds to the excitement and creates a real atmosphere. This game has many versions. The first version tried to recreate the atmosphere of  World War ll but the newer versions tend to have a game space like today's world. Call of Duty is for gamers that enjoy shooting and thrilling games and it was able to achieve great success in a short time.



One of the best mobile games that we want to discuss is Evoland. Evoland is a 3D action and intellectual game. By playing this game, you get to be the main character in a black and white space and after playing for a while, you will see different colors and it has an amazing soundtrack. You need to destroy creatures in your way and find coins and treasures and gain power.


GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport is one of the best racing games for Android mobile phones released in 2019. This game has nice unique graphics with amazing music and you can experience being a professional car driver. This game has many wonderful features such as lots of supercars, support for hardware controls, various racing styles, hundreds of race tracks, and more.


Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker is one of the oldest nostalgia games ever and the new version of it can be even more fun. In this game, you can design the different stages to go through the stages that you have designed and collect coins to rebuild the Mushroom kingdom that once has been destroyed.


Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is another amazing Mario game that is two-dimensional. By playing this game, you can't control the movement of Mario but you can lead him to go through the stages and collect coins and you can kill your enemies by jumping on their heads. The purpose of Super Mario Run is to get to Lady Peach and save her from the evil Bowser.



Levelhead is one of the best Android mobile games that is very similar to the Super Mario Maker game. You can play this game and take the lead of the GR-18 character. One of the most important features of this game is its settings and options. You can use these options to be creative and design new steps and also you can use controllers or the touch screen to play this game.


Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a combination of puzzle and intellectual games. This 3D game is one of the best Android games with the main character called Princess Ida. To play this game, you need to help Princess Ida to go through complicated places and overcome exciting challenges. You should also help her find hidden ways and get to the destination faster and save Princess Ida from the crows that get in the way. This game has wonderful visual errors that make it even more exciting. Also, Monument Valley 2 was made which is similar to Monument Valley but you have to lead two characters and guide them through beautiful landscapes.


Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go is a popular action game, created and released in 2016 by the Niantic company and it was able to immediately achieve great success and became one of the best Android games in the world. This game has high graphics and makes you feel like you're walking in the real world. The main goal of this game is to look for Pokémon and train them to fight the threads around them.


PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile game is one of the best mobile games created by PUBG corporation in South Korea. This game has millions of active users with simple controls and high graphics. In the game, the user lands on the ground with a parachute and has to search for weapons and supplies, 99 people surround the user and he has to fight them alone or with his team. The winner is the last team that survives.



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