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Android phones have turned into a real platform for mobile games and Android mobile games have millions of fans from all over the world. Therefore making Android games has caused a great variety of games on this operating system. People usually spend lots of time looking for Android mobile games and since Android games are made in different styles, it might not be easy to easily find the best Android games. In this article, we will discuss the new Android games that you must download. Stay tuned.memz virus download

Table Top Racing: World Tour

Table Top Racing: World Tour is one of the new Android games you must download and it has taken racing-style games out of repetition due to its unique and great features. This game is very similar to Micro Machines and Mario Card and you get to take control of small cars to compete on a desktop track. The design of this game is in a way that you feel you have entered the world of dwarves. If you enjoy racing-style games, we recommend you to start playing Table Top Racing: World Tour now to experience very fast and exciting competitions and violate real-world rules.

Rush Rally 3

Rush Rally 3 is designed specifically for rally racing fans and it's one of the new Android games you must download. This game comes with fantastic graphics, console games and makes you completely needless of any other racing games due to its multiple modes. This game allows you to select the control system you want by referring to the settings and enjoy a smooth car control. One of the features that are worth mentioning in this game is the way roads and race tracks are designed. In other words, if you like racing, don't miss Rush Rally 3 and install it now.

Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks is one of the most interesting Android puzzle games. Puzzle games usually need lots of practice and you need to be completely focused to deal with these types of games but Hidden Folk has taken the fun aspect of this problem seriously and tries to engage the players' senses. This game has been made by only one person and it's available on different platforms. When you start to play it, you will notice a crowded page in front of you and you need to find a specific object or person in it. The interesting point about this game is that you can see the love of the creator in every part of Hidden Folk. All the drawings are hand-painted and you can hear original sound effects. Anytime you're not in the mood to play a serious and challenging game, you can enjoy this fanatic and unique game.


Shadowmatic is one of the new Android games you must download made by Triada Studio Games. No matter how old you are, you can always enjoy this attractive and fun game. The idea of this game is very simple but the creators of it have turned this idea into an art that can keep you busy for hours. In Shadowmatic, players must create shadows on the screen in different shapes with specific objects, and also you can use various tools and shapes to create these shadows. The main challenge in this game is to find out how to rotate an object in front of a light source and at what angle to place it to form your desired shadow.

Path of Giants

Routing is one of the subgenres of puzzle-style games and usually the main goal in such games is to get the character to the end of the path by leading the way. Path of Giants can be considered as one of the new Android games you must download and it can keep you entertained for hours. In the game, you need to take the control of three small characters. Each character has a different color and at each stage, these characters need to reach a cube that has the same color. One of the things that are worth mentioning in this game is the interaction between the characters and the way they help each other. If you like puzzle games, we recommend you to install Path of Giants and enjoy every moment of it.
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