The Review of Call of Duty Modern Warfare Game 4

The Review of Call of Duty Modern Warfare Game 4 v

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The first thing that catches the eye even before entering the initial menu is the focus of this version on the story, and this is evident even from the design of the game's cover art.

The story of Call of Duty Modern Warfare

call of duty modern warfare 4 apk: Captain Price, who is not known how old he is now Has a prominent role in this episode, and the stages that he attends are among the most interesting in this episode.

The story is somewhat reminiscent of a time when Call of Duty valued for its offline audience and could save the world from terrorists for five hours away from the bustle of the multiplayer section.

The story of Call of Duty Modern Warfare is told both through the cutscenes and through the explanations between the steps, which, coverage the spectacular of the American dialogues his friend Barry Sloane succeeds in this important task as the captain. He is as complex as a commando character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger! One or two characters like Kate Laswell and Kyle Garrick shine, although I expected the latter to play a more prominent role in the story.

The Review of the new version

The Review of Call of Duty Modern Warfare Game 4: If we look at the previous version, we find that Infinity Ward has made the same smooth and well-handled system a little heavier, and by weighing the weapons and creating a short delay in performance, we have a more realistic situation. Realism mode is also in the multiplayer section, which unfortunately was removed from the game with an update sometime after the official release of the game; although it is still possible to create similar modes with manual settings.

In this case, the game battles took place on a small map at night, when you had to use a night-vision camera, so you could not use the camera on the gun, and you had to aim the laser at the opponents' heads and bellies!

The number of stages of Call of Duty Modern Warfare is fourteen stages that are different in terms of time, and the gamer experiences the game instead of different characters.

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The completion of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare story section takes about 4 to 6 hours, during this time you will witness both group battles and stages in which you disturb the terrorist families with Captain Price and disrupt their sleep and life. . Of course, sometimes you have to force a secret, and maybe the only stage that was and was not in the game did not make any difference. Perhaps for convenience, MW can be divided into two single-player sections, the first is the stages in which Captain Price is located, and the other are the stages in which you are in the role of Alex and in the footsteps of the freedom fighters.

The multiplayer section is the place that fans of the series spend most of their time. The other game, like the previous versions, does not sink all the capabilities in the eyes of the audience. Of course, perks are still present in the game, but like the first MW, they are just points that you get for a good game and do not upset the overall balance of the game.

The weapon upgrade system in Modern Warfare Modern Call of Duty is better than before, and the more you play with one weapon, the better you can get side parts, which are much better in terms of both number and use than BO4.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare also has a co-op section where you can go on missions with the help of three other people, for example, a story called Spec Ops, which it is suggested  do not go at all , Unless you want to take the time to complete a ten-minute mission a week.

Last word

The Review of Call of Duty Modern Warfare Game 4 is the best version of this series in the current generation. A title that has been able to successfully return to the roots of one of the pioneers of the first-person shooter subgenre, and despite the small flaws, it is definitely worth experiencing. MW proved that Infiniti magic still has the ability to enchant shooting enthusiasts, and that it is a step in the right direction.
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