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In this article, we want to discuss the scariest games ever that can make your heart beat faster. These scary games have high graphics and scary music that make you feel like you're having a real experience. Read more to find out about the scariest games ever and feel the fear and excitement of all the challenges in these amazing games.

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 is one of the best horror games with millions of active players. The Resident Evil game series is created by the Japanese company Capcom. The amazing scenarios in this game will facilitate you and it has even inspired filmmaking, plays, and comic books. Resident Evil 7 has strong characterization and the main characters of this game are:

Ethan Winters:

Ethan Winters is the main character in Resident Evil 7. He searches for his lost wife for 3 years and realizes that his wife has died in a car accident. It takes him some time to understand that he needs to accept this tragedy and go on with his life. Then suddenly, he receives a video of his wife through an email and he is also told in the email that he needs to go to Luciana to find his lost wife.

Mia winters:

Mia Winters is Ethan's wife. She's part of a secret organization that her husband doesn't know about. Mia's responsibility is to protect a biological weapon made by the organization called First. Suddenly, the tanker containing that weapon is attacked and falls into a swamp. As a result, the material in the tanker contaminated Mia.

The Baker family:

The Baker family are the victims of this biological weapon including Jack Baker  Margaret Baker, Lucas Baker who killed one of his classmates in the past, and Zoe Baker


Eveline is the biggest villain of this game. She's a ten-year-old girl contaminated by First and that's why she looks like an old woman. After she gets affected she gains supernatural powers that help her control other people. Her family abandons her after seeing her like this and makes her use her powers to build a new family.

The Evil Within

The Evil Within has many great features that make this game one of the scariest games ever. The psychological theme, the terrifying atmosphere, and the scary background music make you experience a horror story. The director of this game is Shinji Mikami who is known for being the father of horror style and has given strong characterization and nice graphics to this game.

The story of The Evil Within

The main character of Evil Within is Sebastian who is a 38-year-old American detective and the story of the game begins when Sebastian goes to visit a crime scene with his men. The crime scene is a hospital and the horror begins when his men are killed one after another. Sebastian is trying to survive in this situation but he gets injured and anesthetized. When he opens his eyes he realizes that he's hanging from the roof of a slaughterhouse.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is one of the most terrifying games ever released in 2011 and it has amazing quality and scenario that make this game unique. The story of the game begins with a scary voice that is trying to lead you. At first, you don't know who you are and what you need to do until you find a note that tells you your name is Daniel and your memory has been erased according to your request. Then the game orders you to kill and you need to go through the levels and do as you're told.

The story of Amnesia: The Dark Descent

You will find the story of this game completely clever and terrifying. Daniel is trapped in a castle and has to escape from terrible creatures to survive. Daniel does not have any powers or weapons and he can only escape or hide in the dark to save his life. However, he can't stay in the dark for so long because he loses his senses in the dark. If you enjoy terrifying games, Amnesia: The Dark Descent can fascinate you with its graphics and amazing music.
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