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Opera GX is a unique browser developed specifically for gamers. The first of its kind, this gaming browser delivers a design deeply rooted in gaming esthetics, offering features aimed at boosting a user’s experience while playing games on their PCs.

what is Opera GX

Opera GX is a unique version of the Opera desktop web browser that is designed for gamers. Probably gamers did not expect to hear about the gaming version of a browser but Opera GX is more than that and it's one of the latest versions of the opera browser that was introduced at E3 2019.

Opera GX is available for Windows PCs and it's based on the Chrome project. This browser works almost like Google Chrome and you're also allowed to use all the Chrome extensions on this browser.

Even though this browser is designed for gamers, it doesn't mean that it can improve your performance in games but it has some features that enable the users to enjoy games. In addition to its amazing gaming theme, there's a panel on it for gamers to access Twitch service, find out about the news related to games, and even find beautiful sound effects for games. In the following, you will learn everything you need to know about Opera GX and you will be more familiar with its wonderful features.


Dark and beautiful gaming theme

Probably the first thing that you will notice in the Opera GX browser is its different and beautiful gaming theme. It has a unique dark theme and you can change the color of the bars around it by tapping on the "Easy Setup" section. You can even select your wallpapers according to your taste and enable visual and sound effects on this browser.


GX control; Limit your RAM and CPU usage

One of the most amazing features of Opera GX is that this browser can limit your RAM and CPU usage. This feature is called GX control on this browser and by using it you can reduce the amount of RAM and CPU consumption. Usually, browsers like Google Chrome use so much RAM but with Opera GX browser, you don't need to face this problem. To use this feature, tap on the GX control option in the slide bar. Here you can see a panel with a 'RAM Limiter" and "CPU Limiter". For instance, you can adjust the settings in a way that the browser can use only 3 GB of the 12 GB RAM of your system but all of these doesn't mean that it has much of an impact on your performance boost.


Other features of Opera GX

GX Corner

As we mentioned earlier, this browser has lots of different and unique features. For example, there's a gaming controller on this browser called "GX Corner" and you can use this feature to find out the newest games and have access to them. To use this feature, open the Opera GX browser and click on the "GX Controller" icon that is located in the upper left part of your screen.


A built-in Twitch panel

There's a feature on this browser for accessing the Twitch site and you can use it to see the channels that you have followed, find out who is online, and know about live streaming.


Add social networks to your browser

One of the most interesting features of Opera GX browser is that you get to add social media such as WhatsApp and Facebook to the left menu of your browser and have control over your messages like this.


Browser features

The good thing is that you can also use the features of a normal browser like Opera in addition to its amazing gaming features. For example, you can block advertisements, use a free VPN or use the "Video pop-out" option that allows you to play video files outside your browser. Also, Opera GX claims that it's going to add a feature called "Video over the game" that allows the users to watch videos while playing games.


Why do you need to use Opera GX?

It's completely up to you to choose the browser that you want to use according to your taste and experience. All browsers might be similar and have the same features but Opera GX features make it different from other browsers. It's an amazing theme, having access to Twitch and messaging applications and limiting your RAM and CPU usage and more are unique features on a browser. And you can also enjoy the new features of this browser through future updates. Download Opera GX now to enjoy working with a wonderful gaming browser.

Title Opera GX 67.0.3575.105 for Windows
Requirements Windows XP,Windows 8,Windows 7,Windows 10
Language English
Available Languages English
License Free
Date Added 1603756800
Author Opera Software
Website https://www.opera.com
Opera GX