World history simulators and their advantages

World history simulators and their advantages v

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What is a World's simulator?

World history simulators and their advantages and disadvantages: There are many jobs and activities in life such as piloting, truck driving, professional cooking, parachuting, etc. that we would like to do or experience at least once, but for some reasons such as high cost or needing the skills, they are beyond our reach.World's Simulator games are made to compensate for this shortcoming and actually simulate a part of the real world.

The world of simulator games is a strange world. Some of them, like Microsoft Flight Simulator, introduce you to a completely realistic world and teach their audience to control something like flying a plane, but others do not take anything seriously and simply by designing a strange world, they try to create a fun experience for gamers

World history simulators and their advantages games are generally games that you can control the whole life of someone or something, and this control can vary according to each person's definition. The Sims, for example, is a classic World's simulator that we have been acquainted for years on the Windows platform and on computers. However, Tamagotchi is an exception, but instead of a human World's simulator, it is a pet World's simulator. However, there are many variations on this genre and therefore, there are many games in this category that will definitely be difficult to choose .In this style you are allowed to experience a profession such as agriculture, municipality, police officer or other items.

World's history simulator

Codemasters introduced a number of games such as BMX Simulator and Grand Prix Simulator in 1986 that bore the word Simulator. The real pioneer of the simulation style was Fortune Builder, which was presented in 1984 for the ColecoVision console. After that, SimCity was presented in 1989. These games themselves include various sub-genres such as construction and management, life simulator, sports and so on

All kinds of world's simulator games

Game developers may use different categories to categorize games, the majority agree on the following seven genres:

  • Action game: Answer-based video games.

  • . Adventure games: The player solves problems by moving through the levels of a virtual world.

  • Fighting games: include fighting with characters controlled by the computer or those controlled by other players.

  • The role of the player: The players take on the role of fictional characters.

  • . Simulation: the Games that are made after the system or natural or human phenomena, in which players must achieve predetermined goals.

  • Sports games: They are based on different types of sports.

  • Strategy games: Reconstruction of historical scenes or story scenarios in which players must design a suitable strategy to reach the goal.

advantages of world's simulator games

We all know that one of the main reasons for appealing of video games is their lack of adherence to real-world rules. As much as we want, we bite with our car, break the law, and even we enter worlds that have no external existence at all. But at the opposite end of the spectrum, there are many World Simulator games that, by implementing a real event, try to confront players with the dangers and difficulties of managing these situations and thus challenge them.

The primary goal of all video games is entertaining the audience. That's why we all love to walk the streets of Los Santos for hours or hit the enemy in Call of Duty like in Hollywood movies. But there are also games that, by experiencing them in addition to fun and entertainment, you can also learn life skills and get good practical information from them. Some of these World's Simulator games are as good as console games and often run well on mid-range phones. Designing and building a World's Simulator game on Android is one of the steps that game makers have taken to taste people's non-interactive world. Relying on the potential of the smartphone platform, as well as the intelligence and taste of designers in simulation models, these titles have been able to become very popular day to day and have a significant statistic of people's Internet download volume.


Disadvantages and threats of world's simulator games

1-habit forming with strategy games

2- Ability to compete with a large number of users in strategy games with different cultures and creating a cultural invasion

3- Sleep disorders and children's academic failure

4- Disorder of the children biological clock

5- Isolation with long-term play
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